Our investmet strategies

Each of our investment strategies is overseen by a specialist team, each of which is led by a portfolio manager, or a team of portfolio managers, supported by dedicated analysts. These personnel are located in our New York, Seattle, London, Hong Kong and Kiev offices. Each team executes fundamentally driven, actively managed investment strategies and each has a unique and well defined process that includes top-down macroeconomic and bottom-up fundamental research and portfolio management elements. These teams are subject to multiple levels of oversight and support from our President and Chief

Investment Officer, our Chief Administrative Officer-Investments, our Investment Risk Committee, our Investment Operating Committee and our Legal and Compliance Department. Some of our strategies may involve multiple asset classes and are overseen by investment committees led by senior portfolio managers of our specialist teams.


Below is a summary of our investment strategies:


Real Assets invests in a diversified multi-strategy portfolio of companies and securities that generally own or are backed by tangible real assets, including real estate securities, global listed infrastructure, commodities and natural resource equities, with the objective of achieving attractive total returns over the long term, while providing diversification and maximizing the potential for real returns in periods of rising inflation and rising interest rates.


Real Estate Securities invests in a portfolio of common stocks and other securities issued by U.S. and non-U.S. real estate companies, including real estate investment trusts (REITs) and similar REIT-like entities. This strategy draws on the expertise of our integrated global real estate securities investment team.


Global Listed Infrastructure invests in a diversified portfolio of U.S. and non-U.S. securities issued by infrastructure companies such as utilities, pipelines, toll roads, airports, railroads, marine ports and telecommunications companies located in developed markets with opportunistic allocations to emerging markets. The investment objective is total return.


MLPs and Midstream Energy invests in a diversified portfolio of energy-related master limited partnerships (MLPs) and securities of companies that derive revenues or operating income from the exploration, production, gathering, transportation, processing, storage, refining, distribution or marketing of natural gas, crude oil and other energy. The investment objective is total return.


Commodities invests in a diversified portfolio of exchange-traded commodity future contracts and other commodity-related financial derivative instruments and takes a fundamental, research-driven approach to commodities management, including the ability to short a portion of the portfolio, while seeking alpha through active trade implementation, which may involve employing spread trades while staying fully invested. The investment objective is total return.


Preferred Securities invests in a diversified portfolio of preferred and debt securities issued by U.S. and non-U.S. companies. The preferred securities are issued by banks, insurance companies, REITs and other diversified financial institutions as well as utility, energy, pipeline and telecommunications companies. We employ a unified investment process that underlies our traditional total return preferred securities strategy as well as the lower duration capital preservation strategies.


Large Cap Value invests in a diversified portfolio of dividend-paying common stocks and preferred stocks issued by U.S. large capitalization companies that appear to be undervalued but have good prospects for capital appreciation and dividend growth. The investment objective is total return.


In addition, we offer variations on these strategies that may combine multiple strategies in a single portfolio. Individual portfolios may be customized to comply with client-specific guidelines, benchmarks or risk profiles. Certain portfolios may employ leverage.