Our mission

Out team believes we have the right direction, the right approach and the right people in place to carry us forward. What it does mean is acting with conviction on our strategic plan.

Here is how we plan to do it.


We will continue to build on our strong Real Assets brand. These strategies fulfill a critical yet underserved role in investor portfolios, offering the potential for uncorrelated returns, growing income, inflation protection and capital appreciation.

We will remain focused on specialty asset classes that are well suited to active management, where the strength of our platform offers a distinct competitive advantage. As more investors adopt a core-satellite approach to portfolio construction and manager selection, we believe alternative strategies stand to gain share in asset allocations.

We will investigate opportunities to develop strategies that are both timely and timeless around our core competencies. For example: our low-duration preferred securities strategy for investors seeking income with reduced interest-rate sensitivity; or our opportunistic energy strategy for institutions with a long-term horizon, providing access to discounted assets.

We are committed to raising the bar on performance and consistency, mining all sources of potential alpha and reinvigorating our investment culture on active share. We will not rest on past successes. We will make every effort to improve in areas that don’t live

up to our standards. This commitment extends to our thought leadership, presenting high-conviction insights to our clients.

Recognizing that strong investment performance starts with our people, we have made talent development an integral part of our culture and are now in our third year of succession planning.

We will continue to strengthen our global footprint and select distribution outlets. We expect regulation to open up the defined contribution market, which is under-allocated to real assets. In Europe, we have implemented new leadership to address its highly fragmented market. We continue to build on Green Globe Enterprises, Inc. strong brand presence in the USA and Europe, serving markets that are starved for yield and primarily focused on active management. We view the anticipated emergence of active, nontransparent ETFs as a key growth opportunity for the firm in the future.

Every offense needs a stout defense. We have taken steps to strengthen our already strong balance sheet to provide a cushion against volatility and to put us in a position to potentially take advantage of strategic acquisition opportunities.

We will take a hard look at costs we can control. But there are some areas where we refuse to cut corners, such as compliance and client service,

which are critical to our reputation and are not open to compromise.

Never in our 6-year history have we shied away from a challenge, and we’re not about to start now. After Green Globe Enterprises was founded in 2011, it took two hard years before the market was ready for what we were offering. Through perseverance and conviction, we pressed forward until investors finally came around. By that time, we had established a track record and were positioned as the leader in U.S. REIT investing.

The challenges we face today remind us a lot of those early days. More complex, to be sure. But the principles that guide us are the same. We are

confident that Green Globe Enterprises, Inc. will be among those to emerge stronger—ready to help investors face the next generation of challenges head on.